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Welcome To Northwich Victoria FC Juniors

NORTHWICH VICTORIA JFC Established in 1985 Northwich Victoria Junior Football Club is a 2* England Accredited Club based in Northwich, Cheshire. Northwich Victoria Junior Football... More

Club News

Return To Football 29th March 2021

(Robert Walsh 24/03/2021)
To everyone in the Northwich Victoria Juniors family,

We wanted to update you on how things are going to look ahead of our return to football the week beginning 29th March.

The FA have released guidance which we will be adhering to strictly, in order to remain compliant and to help keep everyone safe.

Firstly, for training and matches, we must stick to one parent/ carer per child, this includes home/away and central venue matches. We realise this will be disappointing for many, and we know how much you all love coming to show your support, but for now at least, this must be adhered to.

Some teams have had parents video parts of matches, or even shared videos of the matches on social media in the past, and as long as you have full consent for all players from both teams, this is a great way to allow others to experience match day.

Child siblings will be allowed to come with the parent/ carer.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

Training slots have been allocated, but with one key difference.

Parents/ carers (again limited to one) will be allowed to watch, but they must watch the session from the nearest part of the pitch to their child’s session. This means if they are on the far side, they must be watched from the far side, and not from a the main area.

Masks are not mandatory, but please wear them as and when you feel you will be in close proximity with others.

We realise that for a family and community club like ours, these measures are far from ideal, however they allow us to get back to playing and so I’m sure we all agree that they are necessary.

Many of our teams have a busy schedule ahead, with midweek matches as well as weekend matches.

Thank you in advance for your patience with us, as we work out pitch allocations and timings. We are working on this right now.

In terms of concluding the current season (2020/2021) we are optimistic that we will do so by the end of June, as long as national restrictions continue to ease in line with the Government’s road map out of lockdown.

In anticipation of coming back, we want to tell you how excited we all are to see you again soon, but ask you to please observe the measures as set out above.

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or your team’s Manager/coach.

We’re nearly there.

NVJFC Chairman

Robert Walsh